Axu TM Oy Marks Ten Years of Operation

Press Release

Axu TM Oy has turned ten years old today.

Axu TM Oy was formed at the end of 1999 by a group of young Finnish networking professionals that felt they could do more good working as independent agents than by working for just one service provider. The group also had a few ideas for new ventures that needed a womb to incubate in.

One of those ideas was TREX, a local innovative Internet exchange point that aims to improve the Finnish Internet and to stretch the limits of what Internet exchange points do. TREX was formed in 2003 in cooperation with a handful of other companies.

Another one of the ideas hatched in the folds of Axu TM Oy was Slapstick Solutions, a games and software company. Slapstick was formed in 2005 and it was disbanded in 2008.

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Axu TM Oy
Axu TM Oy specializes in network transitions and design. When enterprises or operators grow, they will have to make changes to how they connect to the rest of the Internet. These changes can potentially have huge negative business impacts if they are not planned and executed carefully. Axu TM Oy provides consulting, outsourcing and courses on a wide range of related issues.

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