Axu TM Oy Received IPv6 Enabled WWW Certification

Press Release

A Finnish Internetworking Consultancy firm called Axu TM Oy has qualified for the Basic IPv6 Enabled WWW Certification as the twelveth organization in the world.

The addressing system for the old Internet Protocol (IPv4) is running out of free addresses. There are four billion unique IPv4 addresses and about three billion of them are usable. On the other hand every Internet user tends to have a home computer, a work computer, a cellular phone, a game console and a couple of other devices that all require an IPv4 address. It is clear that IPv4 cannot cope with the six billion humans that should all have access to the Internet.

The Internet Society has been working on a solution called Internet Protocol Next Generation, or IPv6, for one and a half decades and it is now mature enough to enter production and slowly replace the old Internet Protocol.

Two Phase Transition to IPv6

Switching over from IPv4 to IPv6 globally will take place in two phases. In the first phase IPv6 is enabled along side IPv4. Access to the old Internet Protocol sites works over IPv4 and access to the new Internet Protocol sites works over IPv6. The computers automatically detect which version to use when they communicate.

In the second phase of the transition, after a significant part of the Internet has started using IPv6, sites can start removing IPv4 from production if it is no longer needed at that site.

Certification Needed

The IPv6 Forum has awarded hundreds of certifications for software and hardware products since 2003 in the IPv6 Ready Logo Program. Now The IPv6 Forum has established the IPv6 Enabled Program to drive the worldwide deployment of IPv6 services before the remaining free IPv4 addresses are exhausted.

Axu TM Oy helps web sites and ISPs plan and make the necessary changes to achieve IPv6 readiness. Axu TM's IPv6 expertise extends beyond basic web services into topics such as routing, email, dns and network security.

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Specifications of The IPv6 Forum's Basic IPv6 Enabled WWW Certification:

Axu TM Oy
Axu TM Oy specializes in network transitions and design. When enterprises or operators grow, they will have to make changes to how they connect to the rest of the Internet. These changes can potentially have huge negative business impacts if they are not planned and executed carefully. Axu TM Oy provides consulting, outsourcing and courses on a wide range of related issues.

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